Jonny's Christmas Stories

Fair warning: some of these are a lot better than others.

These are awesome.

Jonny's Afterlife Christmas
Jonny and his new pug Boris go to heaven to visit Winston.

Jonny's Pulp Fiction Christmas
Jonny is hired to make the covers of pulp fiction novels with disastrous results.

Jonny's Feminist Christmas
Jonny develops a new respect for women while working as department store Santa.

Jonny's 99-Seat Theatre Christmas
Jonny plays Richard III on an intimate stage.

Jonny's Hollywood Christmas
Tinsel Town comes to Jonny to make a movie of his life.

Jonny's Star Trek Christmas
Jonny dons a Red Shirt to forget a lost love.

Jonny's Same-Sex Marriage Christmas
Jonny is a beard for Santa Claus.

Jonny's Animal Shelter Christmas
Jonny talks to the animals.

Jonny's IT Christmas
Jonny's updating Santa's "naughty and nice" list!

These were put online from hardcopy versions that were created as booklets.
Some are terrific, some not so much.

Jonny's Broadway Christmas
Jonny takes on the Great White Way.

Jonny's Easter Christmas
Jonny helps the Easter Bunny find the Yuletide spirit.

Jonny's Unemployed Christmas
Jonny can't find a job for the holidays.

Jonny's Papal Christmas
Jonny is elected Pope and gets a Christmas visit by Jesus himself!

Jonny's New Orleans Christmas
Jonny becomes the head of FEMA to try and
pull together the chaos of Hurricane Katrina.

Jonny's Weapons of Mass Destruction Christmas
Jonny goes to Iraq to save Christmas for the U.S. Military.

Jonny's Super Hero Christmas
Jonny fights crime during the Yuletide.

Jonny's Terrorist Christmas
Comemorating the tragedy of September 11.

Jonny's Election Christmas
Jon got political in the wake of the 2000 election fiasco.

Jonny's Bethlehem Christmas
This is the one that's sending Jon to Hell!

These are kind of embarrassing.

Jonny's South Sea Christmas
Jonny brings Christmas to the cannibals.

Jonny's Gubernatorial Christmas
The indomitable Jonny M terminates the
Governor of California in an election.

Jonny, the Vampire and the Christmas Shepherds
Nothing says yuletide like bloodsucking and beastiality.

This is so lame, it's endearing.

Jonny, The King and the Gaseous Dragon
The very first Jonny story ever.

This is a disaster.

Jonny's Prison Christmas
The most objectionable Jonny story of all!

Jonny's Holiday Products
An archive of Christmas Cards ads from the print era for Jonny products
that could be purchased just in time for the holidays.