The Hindsight Awards

Would you say that King Kong was the best film in 1933? Citizen Kane the most distinguished flick of 1941? Singin' in the Rain the most memorable movie of 1952? If you do, you'd share the opinion of most movie fans. In fact, about the only group of people who'd disagree with you are the folks who hand out the Academy Awards. While they've been honoring such unforgettable achievements as the racist epic Cimarron, Broderick Crawford's bombastic performance in All the King's Men and the sleep-inducing screenplay of Around the World in 80 Days, we've been cherishing memories of Frankenstein, City Lights, and A Night at the Opera; none of which were nominated for a single Academy Award.

The Hindsight Awards has changed all that. Click on the links below to take a look at what the Academy thought were the outstanding cinematic achievements of the year, and compare them with what time has anointed as the deserving recipients.

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