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The Palace of Versailles

There are some places around Paris in which you are in danger of sensory overload. This is the case with the Palace of Versailles, which is so overwhelming in its gold leaf opulence that it is easy not to be able to focus on anything you are looking at because there is so much other opulent gold leaf crap surrounding it. It wasn't Jonny's favorite place that he saw in France, but it served as an overstuffed monument to the collective ego of the royal family showing why the French revolution took place.

The king's private chapel.

The statue of Louis XIV at the palace's entrance pointing the way back to Paris.
The sun king was especially vain about his calves, and always insisted that they
be depicted as massive in any painting or scupture of him.

Lots of scultures of French heores are crammed into the palace. Here's Charlemagne.

The philosopher Rene Descartes. Not the most attractive of dudes, if you ask me.

A self portrait.

Another of the many depictions of Louis XIV.

Louis XIV was said to have invented high heel shoes, to better show off his massive calves.

The queen's bed chamber.

Another self portrait, in the palace's famous Hall of Mirrors. This was taken at about the time Jonny was considering jumping out a window so he wouldn't have to look at any more paintings of Louis XIV.

Two lions covered in doilies.

Jonny desperately wanted this "lilicoptére" to have been a failed attempt of Louis XIV's to achieve flight, but it turned out to just be a piece of artwork created in 2012.