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Bicycle Tour of the Palace of Versailles

Jonny went back to the good people at Fat Tire (with whom he took the Segway tour on his first day) for a marvelous group bicycle tour of the grounds around the palace, giving a perspective that few get to see.

It was raining off-and-on that day, so Jonny was wrapped in plastic to keep him fresh.

Versailles' outdoor market, where everyone in the group put together a picnic lunch for themselves before beginning the tour. Jonny's lunch included wine, the best kiwis he had ever tasted, and more wine. (Except for the kiwis, it was same same lunch he usually had at home.)

A McDonald's near the market. Jonny's pal Mary Kay made him promise that he wouldn't eat at McDonald's while in Paris (which was an easy promise to keep, since he doesn't eat at McDonald's in America), but nothing was discussed about using the restroom. Jonny will say it was probably the nicest McDonald's he had ever seen.

Horsies at the entrance of the Versailles grounds.

The peasant village that Marie Antoinette had constructed to get away from it all.

The spot where Marie Antoinette supposedly rendezvoused with her lover, Count Axel von Fersen. The story goes that when the queen and Louix XVI tried to escape Paris ahead of the revolution, the king was so outraged that Count von Fersen was going to help them that he aborted the escape and reattempted it himself in the royal carriage. When he was caught and executed at the guillotine, it can be fairly assumed that the head he lost didn't have much in it.

Jonny at the entrance to Marie Antoinette's private quarters at Versailles. It was built for Madame Pompadour, the primary of Louis XV's 300 mistresses, but she died before it was completed.

The group had their picnic here as it drizzled ever so mildly.

Jonny's plastic wrap was holding up nicely.

The bike tour ended at the entrance to the palace, where the group was
given tickets and told to check out the rest at their leisure.