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Moulin Rouge

Jonny was warned that this famous cabaret was too "touristy" and "cheesy" to waste time on. "Touristy," it certainly was (the audience was probably at least 90% American and the only Parisians there were waiting tables) but "cheesy" it wasn't (the show was delightful). Jonny was a little alarmed when he had dinner there and was serenaded by a pre-show cabaret act (which was cheesy), but the beautiful Can Can dancers and the spectacular sets and costumes in the show following it more than made up for it (although one of the variety acts that broke up the dances would have been more at home on the main stage at Six Flags Magic Mountain). Maybe it was cheesy, but the cheese was delicious.

The cabaret act that performed during dinner and Jonny's unimpressed reaction to it (inset). Part of the problem was that the sound system was set up so that the musicians completely drowned out the singers.

If this is cheese, Jonny says let's fill up on cheese.

Jonny was much happier with the main show than he was with the opening cabaret.