The Wrath of Professor Morlock

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The Professor Morlock franchise was unexpectedly revived when screenwriter Joe Mullich (who also served as director in remarkably derivative fashion) was desperate for money to make the alimony payments to his seven ex-wives.

In the last installment “The House of Professor Morlock,” Morlock was presumed to have finally been destroyed when he was left as nothing but a severed head at the finale. But it was discovered that without having a body to slow him down, he was able to use his twisted yet brilliant mind at 300% of his previous capacity to finally be able to achieve his goal of transplanting the brain of a gorilla into his nemesis ace investigative reporter Janet Lawson (played as always by superstar Mara Marini) to create an atomic super gorilla with which to rule mankind. Without a body, Morlock relies on two new characters, his brutal slave Günter (played by James Cleveland), who is not only the professor’s new assistant but his love interest after Morlock places him in a torturous mind grip, and the sexy zombie Priscilla (played by Robin Greenspan) who is primarily around to show some skin since all of the other actresses’ contracts prohibit any nudity.

Things go awry after Morlock kidnaps Janet and attempts the transplant when his former evil assistant Ruprecht (played once again by Tom Ackerman, this time for union scale but with his entire salary going to the Internal revenue Service), who was consigned to a spectral dimension by Morlock so that all his scenes could be shot in one day, sabotages the transplant so that it is the professor’s brain that is exchanged with the gorilla’s rather than Janet’s. Ruprecht’s scheme backfires since with Morlock’s mega brain atop the atomic super gorilla’s body, he is now an unstoppable menace who will finally rule the world.

Mankind’s only hope is once again the professor’s former victim who developed super powers after living on an alien planet, Amanda Globe (played as always by Amy Ball who only returned to the series after being offered an ungodly amount of money). The twist is that due to the earth’s global warming her powers are diminished (the ecology slant in the script was insisted on by Mara Marini for her to come back) so her battle royal with the professor to save the human race takes place in outer space.

In a remarkably perceptive review, David B wrote in that “the only conceivable reason that anyone wanted to make this film was for the money.” The fans disagreed and happily queued up in mass numbers to see it. It was obvious that Morlock would be resurrected,