The House of Professor Morlock

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After constantly battling with Joss Whedon on “The Curse of Professor Morlock,” Jesse Merlin would only agree to return for the final entry in the series if he was allowed to direct. He turns in a surprisingly first-class job in one of the best of the “Morlocks.”

Professor Morlock has been cured of his zombie curse after Amanda Globe (Amy Ball) grudgingly uses her super powers acquired on an alien planet at the end of “Curse.” But now, the insane professor learns that his thousand year life span will be coming to an end unless he sacrifices his nemesis, ace investigative reporter Janet Lawton (played once again by superstar Mara Marini, who signed on to the film only after being guaranteed a massive salary bump and added profit participation), at the Satanic alter. Lawton is finally free of the nymphomaniac hex that Morlock cast on her in “Professor Morlock’s Daughter,” but after the death of her love interest, no-nonsense cop Jack Mannix, she no longer has anyone to protect her from the professor’s evil plots (Director Merlin insisted that the character of Jack Mannix be written out of the script because he loathed working with actor Jonny M., who Merlin considered nothing more than untalented beefcake).

Janet’s only hope is Amanda’s extraterrestrial super powers to finally destroy Morlock. But after curing him in “Curse” and ridding mankind of the zombie scourge that Morlock’s supernatural spell protected them from, she was drained and forced to return to the alien planet she called home to replenish her powers. But Janet has one unexpected ally left: Morlock’s evil henchman Ruprecht (played by the role’s creator Tom Ackerman; because Merlin and Marini’s salary demands were so large that the producers could only afford Ackerman’s customary boxed lunch and deferred pay to cast it). After his curse of Morlock fails, Ruprecht realizes that the only way he can survive is if his former master is finally destroyed. So, using the scientific knowledge he learned from Morlock, he creates a transporter ray which will allow Amanda to return regenerated from her foreign planet for one final battle royal with her past tormentor.

Everyone connected with the franchise swore that this would be the last entry in the "Morlock" saga. But once again, the professor refused to die.