The Priscilla model kit

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The sexy zombie Priscilla was so popular with Morlock fans after debuting in “The Wrath of Professor Morlock” that a model of the character was rolled out by Dragon Models following the movie’s premiere and immediately became the top-selling model in the company’s history.

When the original Professor Morlock model was introduced, Jesse Merlin unsuccessfully tried to sue to get a small percentage of the profits for the use of his likeness. After he lost the suit, he was thousands of dollars in debt from legal fees that left him financially devastated for years. When he learned that actress Robin Greenspan was paid over a million dollars for permission to use her likeness for the Priscilla model, it’s said that Merlin climbed to the roof of his house in order to jump and it took the combined efforts of a police negotiator, his therapist and his life partner Klaus to talk him down.