Professor Morlock trading cards

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A rare find for serious Morlockians are these Professor Morlock trading cards issued after the premiere of the first "Morlock."

So obvious was it that the studio didn't realize what they had on their hands that only top-billed Mara Marini, Jonny M. and Winston the Wonder Pug (fresh from his box office smash "Winston the Wonder Pug Saves New York") were featured on solo cards. Jesse Merlin as Morlock and Amy Ball as Amanda Globe (then billed only as "Ghoul Girl" - she didn't acquire a name until the follow-up "The Return of Professor Morlock") were only pictured on a card together.

Those only familiar with the most recent Morlocks in which Amanda Globe is portrayed as a bitter badass with super powers will be surprised to learn that in the first films she was a timid former nurse at the asylum in which Morlock makes his evil headquarters and was enslaved by him. It wasn't until "Professor Morlock's Daughter" that she escaped his clutches to live on the alien planet that she acquired her super powers on and became the fighting machine that audiences know today.