Richard III
by William Shakespeare
Jon Mullich as Richard III
"Jon Mullich is one of the best 'Richards' we have seen, teetering a tight line between portraying madness, histrionics and unbridled ambition. It takes a studied actor to show the human side of Richard without giving in to the buffoonery of his folly and Mullich owns the character both body and soul."
"Mullichís Richard is a guy you love to hate, and hate to love (well, like anyway): glib, charming and murderously ambitious. Mullichís infuses the role with the requisite edge of poisonous malevolence, but also spices it with a strangely appealing element of sadistic humor that is blended to good effect."
"Jon Mullich exudes charisma and confidence as the Mephistophelian Richard, and as an audience member, the pleasure he derives from successfully carrying out his schemes is infectious. Itís in the second half of the play that this multi-layered villain truly comes to life. Gloating over his prowess as a master manipulator in the first half, Richardís subsequent unraveling in the second is as fascinating as it is enjoyable to watch. Mullich injects a vulnerability and pathos into Richard, which shines during his final monologue. Becoming increasingly unhinged, itís difficult not to sympathize with Richard as he realizes that his villainous ways have left him isolated and beyond redemption...Mullichís dynamic and intriguing performance is worth the price of admission alone."

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Richard III
Jon Mullich
Clarence/Lord Mayor
David Pinion
Glenn Simon
Melody Doyle
Lady Anne
Rachel Kanouse
Alon Dina
Christian Chan
Gary Tremble
Queen Elizabeth
Jessicah Neufeld
Lord Rivers/Tyrrel
Nathan Werner
Margaret of Anjou
Janie Steele
Edward II/Stanley
Tim Polzin
Jesse Merlin
Prince Edward/Richmond
Micah Watterson
Young Duke of York
Eliot Troop

This production was staged at Eclectic Company Theatre by Natasha Troop