Dalton Trumbo, Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson

Trumbo was one of the original "Hollywood Ten" blacklisted in 1947, but his talent was not to be denied. Ian McLellan Hunter fronted for Trumbo as the writer for the Academy Award winning story for Roman Holiday in 1953. Hunter was unable to help Trumbo after that, as he was blacklisted himself shortly afterwards. So Trumbo adopted the pseudonym Robert Rich, winning the Oscar for Motion Picture Story for The Brave One in 1956. He was finally given the Oscar with his own name on it in 1975.

Pierre Boulle wrote the novel that the Best Picture of 1957 was based on, The Bridge on the River Kwai. Boulle was credited with the screenplay of the film, which won him the Oscar for Screenplay Based on Material From Another Medium. It wasn't long afterwards that it dawned on people that the Frenchman Boulle had never written anything in English in his life, and it was unlikely that he would start with the screenplay of a multi-million dollar film. Snoops ultimately discovered that the screenplay was actually written by blacklisted writers Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson. The writers made overtures to get the credit that they deserved after the blacklist had lifted, and the Academy finally presented their widows with the Oscars they had won on March 16, 1985. Wilson was also awarded co-writer credit (with Robert Bolt) on the script of Lawrence of Arabia after his death. He won an Academy Award in his own name for A Place in the Sun in 1951.

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