The Turning Point and The Color Purple each with 11 nominations and not a single win.

The Color Purple had a wild Oscar ride from the moment it became the first film in history to win the DGA Award that didn't also receive an Oscar nomination for Best Director. The film was also notable for having a record 12 people share the nomination for Best Original Score, as well as five composers share a Best Song nomination for "Miss Celie's Blues." The film's shutout in the Oscars came as a surprise, as many pundits predicted a show of support for the snubbed Steven Spielberg.

The Turning Point was considered a strong contender on Oscar night, having won awards as best film of the year from the National Board of Review and the Golden Globes. Unfortunately for the producers, the Academy behaved very uncharacteristally that year, giving the Best Picture prize to a comedy, Annie Hall, and the most Oscars of the year (6) to a science fiction film, Star Wars.

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