The Marx Bros. 1937 classic
A Day At The Races
was nominated for Best Dance Direction for the shockingly racist
All God's Children Got Rhythm number.

Groucho did win a Special Oscar in 1974, 25 years after Love Happy, the last "official" Marx Brothers film (although it was originally intended as a solo vehicle for Harpo, with Chico signing on because he was desperate for cash and Groucho joining them in a cameo role because that was the only way it could be financed). In taking home his Special Oscar, he joined his comic contemporaries like Harold Lloyd, Stan Laurel, and Buster Keaton (who at a low point in his career served as a gag writer for the Marxes), geniuses who the Academy could never deign to nominate for a competitive award but who they did drag out shortly before their deaths to give them lifetime achievement awards that had the smell of conciliation prizes. The only competitive award Groucho ever won was the 1951 Emmy for "Most Outstanding Personality."


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