A romantic comedy
by Jon Mullich


Not only has lesbian advocate Lee Waldo has pined over Hosanna, the lost love of her life, for years but Dixie, Lee's heterosexual current roommate, has started teasing her dates with phony stories of Lee's sexual escapades to get them worked up. Lee tolerates the tall tales until she meets Dixie's latest boyfriend: the pond-scum-sucking man who stole Hosanna from her in the first place. Lee puts on Dixie's fanciful alter ego in order to put the two-timer in his place and try to get Hosanna to come back to her.

The Lipstick Lesbian tackles such complex topics as sexual stereotypes, political activism and the similar challenges that people face in heterosexual and same-sex relationships. The action takes place in two planes: the real world of Lee's life in Los Angeles, and the fantasy world where Lee acts out the male heterosexual fantasy of the lesbian lifestyle.

Setup One set. Four characters.
Dramatis Personae

Dixie White
Lee Waldo
Bill Recht

A clerk at a supermarket deli
Dixie's roommate
Lee's friend and associate
Dixie's boyfriend

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