The Mad Beast Story

As with most things that follow you for the rest of your life, it started on a trip to Vegas.

Jon and new Jonny pals Eddie Frierson, Mark Ringer and Kelie McIver were
driving to Henderson, Nevada to perform in A Midsummer Night's Dream
for the newly-formed Nevada Shakespeare In The Park. To pass the time,
Eddie (being from the deep south and therefore easily diverted by simple mental stimulation)
began giving his fellow actors nicknames. Mark (who Eddie knew from UCLA) was
already "Ring-Man," Kelie became "Kelbo," John Perry became "Gordo"
(Perry=pear=gourd=Gordo; as we said, Eddie is from the deep south) and so on.

Jon, due to his then heavy drinking and partying lifestyle (this was before he
found God and devoted his life to the teaching of various L. Ron Hubbard wannabes),
became "Mad Man." To commemorate the occasion, Eddie (having finally
learned to write the previous winter) made the sign immortalized above and
placed it in the rear window of Jon's car. As the show progressed and the
debauchery of the partying intensified, Eddie concluded that he was not
dealing with mere men, but with beasts. Mad Man became Mad Beast, and
the legend was born.

Mark, Eddie, Jon, and Kelie hit it off during the show, and
the three men decided it would be for the best if they took possession
of Kelie.Though she appears to resist the idea in the photo below (left),
she reconsidered and printed engagement announcements upon returning to LA (right).

And the rest is history!