An outer space operetta
by Jon Mullich
Based upon H.M.S. Pinafore by Gilbert & Sullivan

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Nichelle Nicols (c), Lieutent Uhura of the original cast of Star Trek,
visits the set of U.S.S. Pinafore.

U.S.S. Pinafore was nominated for a Saturn Award for
Best Small Theatre Stage Production by the
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films

James Jaeger and Jesse Merlin perform "The Merry Maiden and the TAR"


The nineteenth century ironsides of the title has been fitted with anti-gravitation gear and phasers set to kill! It takes to the air in a brand-new version that is guaranteed to blast you out of earth's atmosphere and send you to a solar system filled with laughter and delight. The trivial antics of G&S's veddy British lords and ladies seem far less trivial when they're fighting for their lives against alien lizard men! (Okay... possibly slightly more trivial, but twice the fun!)

Setup One set. Fourteen characters
Reviews "It's rare that such a bold and original concept is so professionally executed."
Kerry O'Quinn, founder of Starlog and Fangoria Magazines

  "I don't want to spoil any jokes or gags because they are so lovely and lively and fresh. Suffice to say you don't need to be a fan of both or either genres – just someone who likes to laugh – in order enjoy this silly, sexy romp."
The Huffington Post
  "One gigantically terrific musical takeoff.The entire humanoid ensemble under Mullich's ultimate skill function exceedingly well together."
Originally produced by Crown City Theatre Los Angeles, California
Directed by Jon Mullich
Original Cast

Bill Bobstay
Dave Becket
Al, the ship’s computer
Little Buttercup
Dick Deadeye
Ralph Rackstraw
Captain Corcoran
Sir Joseph Porter

Tim Polzin
Paton Ashbrook
Michael Levin
Dave Berges
Jason D. Rennie
Mona King
James Jaeger
Aidan Park
Ashley Cuellar
Jesse Merlin
Victoria Gonzalez
Misha Bouvion
Paton Ashbrook
Ron Schneider
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