A gangster farce
by Jon Mullich
loosely based upon Arlecchino Servitore di Due Padroni by Carlo Goldoni


This hilarious adaptation takes stock Commedia del'Arte characters and reimagines them as archetypes from 1930s gangster films. Set in Prohibiton-era Chicago in the 1930s, this version finds an aspiring wiseguy in a heap of trouble when he finds himself working for both a beautiful woman disguised as her brother and the brutal Public Enemy Number One who is trying to become a reformed man. Throw in two rival mob bosses, a switchblade-toting hood and a gun moll with a food fetish and the result is a delightful whirlwind of romance and laughter.

This is a revised version of A Servant of Two Masters.

Setup One set. 18 characters

Federigo Rasponi
Floridno Aratusi
A Paper Boy
Pantalone dei Bisognosi
Violet Petal
Daisy Petal
Salvador Lombardi
Silvio Lombardi
Truffaldino Bottachio
Beatrice Rasponi
Rose D'Ambroise
Clarice dei Bisognosi
Wolfgang von Stippel
Walter Winchell
Don Vomitato Appena
J. Edgar Hoover

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