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Westminster Abbey

Jonny's primary reason for visiting London was to visit the inside of the abbey, which houses the tombs of and monuments to England's greatest citizens, including Elizabeth I, Richard II, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Geoffrey Chaucer, David Garrick, William Shakespeare, and many, many others. Jonny had to move some things around when he got there and the abbey's 9:30 start time for the tour was pushed back to 1:30 because of a religious service being held there but when he finally saw what was inside, it became the most impressive single stop of the entire trip.

Jonny at Westminster Abbey.

The tomb of Elizabeth I. Her sister Mary, Queen of Scots rests directly beneath it.

The famous Poet's Corner, where Britain's greatest writers are entombed or memorialized. The oldest tomb in the Poet's Corner belongs to Canterbury Tales author Geoffrey Chaucer, who was originally buried in the Abbey not for his literary accomplishments, but because he was a civil servant who was friends with the monks there.