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Jonny's mom gave him a great guide book that included this walking tour of Paris' famous artists' colony. If you take it by looking at the photographs on this web page, your feet won't hurt afterwards nearly as much as Jonny's did.

You start at the base of Sacré-Coeur Basilica and walk up a lot of stairs.

And I mean a lot of stairs.

When you reach the top, it's a good idea to sit around for a bit.

These violinists did a smashing rendition of Bach's violin concertos.
They later packed up and took their act to the nearby artists' colony.

A short walk downhill takes you to where the artists are selling their wares.

It gets to be very touristy around here, but what the hell: Jonny was a tourist.

This cool statue of a guy walking through a wall at a nearby residential street is easy to miss.

Lots more hills to walk through.

Jonny went off-course for at least half an hour tracking down this statue the guide book
said he had to see. In retrospect, he could have given it a miss.

This innocent-looking storefront was the Paris studio of Pablo Picasso.

Jonny's dogs were barking now, but there was no heading back.

The building behind the trees was the Paris home of the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

And here is where Vincent van Gogh lived with his brother Theo from 1886 to 1888.
A sign by the door immortalizes that fact.

Jonny at the legendary Moulin Rouge cabaret. He would be back a few nights later to take in the show.

The Musée de l’ érotisme, which Jonny visited.
Anyone who wants to see the photos Jonny took inside here can contact him privately.

This Buddha statue outside of the Musée de l’ érotisme made Jonny think of the Buddhist garden in his pal Donna's front yard. None of Donna's Buddha statues look anything like this.

The walking part finally ended here and Jonny got on the metro to take the train back to his hotel, where he drank wine and watched the French version of The Simpsons as his ankles swelled to the size of ripe watermelons.