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Notre Dame Cathedral

Completed in 1345, this imposing gothic cathedral will put the fear of God into you. But as you enter and are met with signs reminding you to be silent because this is, after all, a place of worship, Jonny couldn't help but notice that you come in through a gift shop and exit through a gift shop and encounter machines throughout the prayer area when you can purchase medallion tchotchkes for two euros.

The statue of Joan of Arc inside the cathedral.

It's a climb to see the famous gargoyles at the top, but well worth it.

The view of Paris from the top of Notre Dame.

The Montparnasse Tower was erected when Patis was considering building six skyscrapers.
It was thought to be so ugly that not only were such skyscrapers banned from the city, but an
ordinence was passed making it illegal to construct any buildings higher than six stories.

The Quasimodo Café is not only inevitably in the shadow of the cathedral, but its romantic counterpart the Esmerelda Café is at the other end of the street.