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Segway Tour

A Segway is a gravity-driven scooter that you ride standing up. Jonny took a wonderful Segway tour of Paris courtesy of a company called Fat Tire, with whom he would later take two bicycle tours during the trip. It's not only a barrel of fun, but a great way to introduce yourself to the city.

Jonny on a Segway on a famous bridge that has been depicted in many movies,
most memorably at the end of Midnight in Paris.

This recreation of the Statue of Liberty's flame has become known as "Diana's Flame" because Princess Diana met her tragic end in the street beneath it.

The "lover's lock" bridge, so-called because lovers attach locks to the bridge and then toss the key into the Seine to illustrate that their love is forever. The large amount of combination locks on the bridge suggests a lack of commitment in some relationships.

The Place de Concorde, where the guillotine was located during the first French Revolution. It had to be frquently moved because the ground became so satured with blood that it wouldn't remain level.