The Curse Of Professor Morlock

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When Morlock (Jesse Merlin) has a zombie curse placed upon him and raises an army of the undead, the only hope for the survival of humanity is the alien super powers of Amanda Globe (Amy Ball) in what is universally regarded as the best film of the series, “The Curse of Professor Morlock.”

Both Merlin and Ball got Academy Award nominations for their performances, the only acting nods that the series ever received. Ball was considered the favorite to win Best Actress but had the misfortune to co-star in the Eddie Murphy gross-out comedy “The Big Fat Family Who Farts All the Time” which premiered just as the ballots were going out. That film was a critical and box office catastrophe that many blamed for her failing to take home the Oscar for “Curse.”

The film did win Oscars for its art direction and ground-breaking makeup, although Merlin suffered greatly from wearing his zombie application which doctors attributed as the reason for his demented behavior in later years.

Ace investigative reporter Janet Lawton (Mara Marini), still under the power of the nymphomaniac hex Morlock placed on her in “Professor Morlock’s Daughter,” prepares to once again sexually ravage her love interest, no-nonsense cop Jack Mannix (Jonny M.).

The Janet Lawton character initially wasn’t included in the story of “The Curse of Professor Morlock,” but Marini so enjoyed shooting the graphically erotic nymphomaniac hex scenes in the previous film that she agreed to make an unpaid cameo in “Curse” if the device was included in yet another scene with Jonny. It proves to be one of the most sexually-supercharged sequences in the entire series.