Professor Morlock's DaughterM

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Thanks to the monumental success of “The Bride of Professor Morlock,” the studio completed this sequel.

This edition of the Morlock saga features the spawn of his short-lived marriage to the Goddess of Darkness before she was blown apart by the US military at the end of “The Bride of Professor Morlock.” The insane professor (played as always by Jesse Merlin) tries to teach his daughter (played by screen newcomer Paige Simon) his nefarious ways before he dies of a curse placed on him by his evil henchman Ruprecht, who was written out of the script when Robert DeNiro wanted too much money to reprise the character.

There were some exciting new directions for the series. Morlock’s nemesis, ace investigative reporter Janet Lawton (played again by superstar Mara Marini) has a hex put on her by Morlock that turns her into a nymphomaniac who is sexually obsessed with her love interest Jack Mannix (played once more by Jonny M.) and forces her to perform unimaginable perverted acts with him throughout the film.

Returning to the series, at fans’ insistence, was Amy Ball as Morlock’s prey Amanda Globe, who did not appear in “Bride.” The character of Amanda has been beefed up for the sequel after spending the previous installments of the series as a helpless victim to Morlock’s evil experiments. According to the script, Amanda spent the time that “The Bride of Professor Morlock” took place on another planet, where she acquired super powers and returned to earth to finally go mano-a-mano with Morlock before Ruprecht’s curse destroys him. Amanda's first entrance when she blasts open the wall of professor's laboratory with a ray gun is widely considered to be the most famous scene in the history of the franchise.

The sequel proved to be even more popular than Bride and earned over a billion dollars world-wide.