The Return of Professor Morlock

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Morlock was thought to be killed off in the first film but after the studio decided on a sequel, it was disclosed that he had the power to regenerate back from the dead. He returns from the pits of hell for revenge but since the budget was slashed for the sequel and they couldn't afford to bring back Mara Marini, Morlock focuses his wrath on "Ghoul Girl" (Amy Ball), who is discovered to a former nurse named Amanda Globe at the asylum Morlock was confined to and who was thought to have disappeared years before. Assisted by his evil henchman Ruprecht (played once again by Tom Ackerman after his career was shut down by a scandal over his addiction to reefer and he was unable to find work anywhere else), Morlock kidnaps Ball and experiments on her in the hopes of finally achieving his dream of transplanting her brain with that of a gorilla. Her only hope is no-nonsense cop Jack Mannix (played again by Jonny M. after the producers realized he owed them two days work from his contract on the first film), who breaks into Morlock's lab and once again guns him down just before the switch is flipped. The movie fades out with Amanda hoping Mannix will hook up with her, but his heart still belongs to Janet and anyway, he realizes that if he blows Amanda off that he won't have to appear in the next sequel.