Professor Morlock Fan Fiction

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An oddity between “The Ghost of Professor Morlock” and the series reboot “The Bride of Professor Morlock” was the appearance of the publication Professor Morlock Fan Fiction. Here, Morlockians found an outlet for their need for additional accounts of the mad professor. The first few issues contained exciting supernatural tales of Morlock & Company, but it was ultimately taken over by a kinky fringe who offered up stories of disturbingly angry fetishes that inevitably cast Morlock as a perverted deviant. The periodical was finally ended after a lawsuit by the studio just before the premiere of “The Bride of Professor Morlock” The last story published in the magazine was titled “Professor Morlock’s Mystic Butt Plug.”

Strangely, issues of Professor Morlock Fan Fiction #1 only sell for about five bucks on eBay but the later issues (including the one that contains “Professor Morlock’s Mystic Butt Plug”) go for around three hundred.