Professor Morlock Comics

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Another money grab for the studio following the success of "Professor Morlock" was Professor Morlock Comics. The film's top-billed stars Mara Marini and Jonny M. were richly rewarded for using their likeness in the popular comic book, but Jesse Merlin (still under his back-breaking original contract) wasn't paid an extra dime.In their haste to crank out the comic, ace investigative reporter Janet Lawton's name was misspelled as "Janet Lawson" on the cover. No one noticed.

The comic was known for lurid content which depicted unspeakable perversion and kinky sex beneath its horror facade. It ultimately ceased publication after a campaign against it by the Catholic Legion of Decency.

A mint condition "Professor Morlock Comic" #1 fetches at least $2500 on eBay.