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The Old Vic - The Entertainer

The first place Jon visited in London was the legendary Old Vic theatre,
the sight of such historic theatrical events as John Gielgud's first
appearances as Hamlet and Richard II, Laurence Olivier's Henry V and Othello, and
Ralph Richardson's Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream. The actual theatre
is somewhat disappointing, with a small and tacky lobby and rather cramped
seating, but it is an honor to see a play in such historic surroundings.

The play Jon saw was The Entertainer, the Vic's 50th anniversary
production of Laurence Olivier's great vehicle as Music hall comic Archie Rice.
Robert Lindsay was brilliant as Archie, although the play hadn't stood up to the
test of time very successfully and the production wasn't helped by a three hour
running time and an amateurish set that consisted primarily of a black scrim.