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Opening & Closing Night

Jon with Diana Burbano following their final performance of
A Servant of Two Masters...

...and years later when Jon came to see Di in
her turn in Menopausia El Musical

Glenn Simon (Bishop of Ely) and Jon (Richard III) with Megan Reynolds and Eddie Frierson at Opening Night of Richard III

Closing night of Three Really Offensive Scenes About the Founding Fathers

Jon with his pals Dave, Penelope and Mimi following the opening night of The Apple Tree.

Jon with James Jaeger on the opening night of U.S.S. Pinafore in which James gave
a magnificent performance the the space alien Deadeye Dick.

Eddie Frierson following a performance of Twelfth Night with Carrie-ann Pishnak (Viola) and Jon (Malvolio).

Jon with Tracy Purcell following a
performance of Sir John Oldcastle

Jon with Mary Kay Dean following the opening of
A Servant of Two Masters

Jon with Kelie McIver following her
triumphant performance as Lady Macbeth

Mark Ringer visiting Jon and Jerry Winsett after a
performance of Man of LaMancha

Jon with his pals Dave and Mimi on closing night of
Measure for Measure.

Kelie McIver (Titania) and Jon (Demetrius) flank Mom Mullich
and Bro Joe following a performance of
A Midsummer Night's Dream