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Young Jonny

Jon (R) and Bro Joe share an early Christmas
with a styrofoam snowman.

Jonny with Mom

Jon waiting for Santa to arrive.

Jonny Handsome.

Mrs. Kelly's kindgarten class in November of 1967. Jon is at the beginning of the middle row.

Mr. Phillipson's 5th grade class in November of 1972. Jon is the 5th from the right in the 4th row.

Mr. Phillipson was a lovely man. Prior to his class, Jon was always called "Jonathan" in school (a name that he associate to this day with systematic oppression). On the first day of Mr. Phillipson's class as he took roll, he asked every student what they wanted to be called. No one, much less an adult, had ever asked Jon that before. When it came to Jon's turn he responded with an astonished "Jon." No one had ever called him Jon prior to that (he was Jonny at home and Jonathan at school) but he's been Jon ever since.

Jon wrote a script for Kung Fu which so impressed Mr. Phillipson that he gave him a sample of a real TV script to show him what they looked like to encourage me. Jon have had few teachers that I had such a strong feeling about.

We don't know if he's still with us (we doubt it; this picture was taken over 40 years ago) but wherever he is, we hope it's someplace good.